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Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Sound Designer, Author


Alessandro Fois is a musician, composer, pianist, arranger and sound engineer.

More recently, from 2014 - 2018, he is also a writer, blogger and webmaster.

Born in Cagliari, where he lived until 1987, he then resided in Oristano until 2013, before returning to Cagliari until 2016, when he moved to another city.

He currently resides in Ivrea (Turin) where, in addition to the above activities, he manages Lycnos, studio for audio, video and web services, and the recording studio Glamour Recording Studio.

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He studied piano, music theory and experimental composition at the Cagliari Conservatory.

Student at the Sound Recording Course promoted by Fonoprint and Sony Italy.

Student of Mogol and other related teachers at C.E.T. - Centro Europeo di Toscolano, for the subjects Composition and Musical Arrangement.



Alessandro Fois, as composer and pianist, has ventured into numerous musical genres: classical, blues, jazz, new-age, world, progressive, musical, pop, soundtracks and more, creating a good number of compositions for various artists Italians, with frequent participation also in live concerts.

As a composer, arranger and pianist, among his record publications he has to his credit an album of original instrumental music entitled 'Dialogue', performed solo in a Piano-Trio formation.

A second album of original songs, called 'Kaleidoskope', is currently being composed.

Co-author of an original musical in Limba, called 'Boghes de Domo', for which he was also co-director, co-producer and one of the main performers during subsequent stagings.

Author and arranger of music for various Italian artists, RAI television soundtracks, music for advertising.

Pianist and professional singer in the tourism field, he has played for several years in various European locations, with seasonal engagements in hotels of the highest level.

Professional pianist and singer in entertainment at high-profile public, private and corporate events (e.g. Ferrari in Maranello)

He was the artistic director of some choral ensembles.

He has been producer and artistic-musical director of various music and various art shows.

Sound engineer

He has been running and operating his own audio recording studio called Glamour Recording Studio for about 25 years, working daily as a sound engineer and also finding room to express his natural talent for music, arranging and art direction.

He is also occasionally involved in the sound management of live concerts.


He has been a teacher for "audio and sound recording" at professional schools.

He has conducted various seminars and private courses in audio recording, mixing and mastering, as well as musical arrangement and orchestration.

He gave piano and music theory lessons, for the music school run by ACLI in Cagliari and for other music schools, as well as private lessons.


Various and increasing are the book publications, in e-book and paper format: manuals and music and audio texts for learning phonics subjects, some of which are often in use in some public schools.

Other application manuals are being written for composers and music arrangers.

English editions of the most requested volumes are expected shortly.


Alessandro Fois's newborn blog deals with the usual subjects of music and audio, and can be used as a modern free consultation tool for all interested persons, with the possibility to interact.

Web designer

As part of LycnosWeb Agency, it carries out website construction and e-commerce activities, working especially in web marketing in the SEO and SEM fields, with a focus on Google AdWords services management.

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