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Dialogue - Label - Alessandro Fois

The musical content of the album 'Dialogue' corresponds to the compositional vision of the author, who intends to express a desire for balance, harmony and awareness. In it, we can find influences of various kinds, including 'fusion', 'classic', 'newage' and more. The composer often likes to use the typical musical form of jazz, with musical themes and their improvised variations. Hence the term 'New Generation Jazz', which is intended to distinguish the musical form of the album.

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Alessandro Fois Piano Trio

Alessandro Fois | Composer | Piano

Alessandro Fois he is a composer and pianist. during his experience he has played various musical genres, classical music, jazz, blues, newage, world music, progressive, musical, soundtracks, pop and more. He has created a good number of compositions for many artists, often also performing as a pianist. Dialogue is the first album in which he is author and performer.

Paolo Cocco | Electric bass

Paolo Cocco, bass player. Musical preferences: blues, funky, jazz. Self-taught musician with 40 years of experience, he has woven numerous collaborations in recording studios, concerts and important musical events with nationally and internationally renowned artists. He is constantly engaged in the attempt to improve and characterize the "sound" of the instrument, in particular those of the fretless bass, which he loves deeply because with it he can better express the essence of his art.

Massimo Tore | Double Bass

Massimo Tore, double bass player. His interests range from classical music to jazz, with a particular fondness for improvised music. Self-taught musician, he then completed his studies at the Cagliari Conservatory of Music. As a classical bass player, he has played with some symphonic and chamber orchestras, such as the Champs Elysées Orchestra, Les Arts florissants, Anima Eterna. He has been on the jazz scene for 30 years, collaborating in numerous international recordings and festivals.

Alessandro Garau | Drums

Alessandro Garau, drummer. He began to play drums and percussion in Cagliari with various formations in the early 80s. Under the guidance of Ettore Fioravanti, he studied at the Saint Louis Jazz school in Rome, at the Jazz University of Terni, at the Nuoro Jazz seminars and at the Siena Jazz courses. He has also participated in numerous master classes with some of the most important jazz musicians: Dave Liebman, Peter Erskine, Jon Christensen, Pierre Favre and Steve Lacy. In about 30 years of activity, he has played in some of the most important international festivals, collaborating with numerous musicians both in Italy and abroad. He has participated in the production of various record labels. In addition to studying and concerts, he is a drum teacher in some local schools.


I listened to some passages on Alessandro Fois' album and I appreciated them both for the performance and for the form that is mature, complete and intelligent. Despite being in fact an atypical trio (with electric bass and double bass) Alessandro manages to make it sound like an orchestra where each of the individual voices that make up the work is autonomous but closely connected with the others. DIALOGUE is the right title. For an original work that deserves attention.

Paolo Fresu (composer, trumpet player)

The "Dialogue" album has a pleasant and round taste like a balanced wine! The musical themes of the author and pianist Alessandro Fois range from "jazz style to Keith Jarret" to "progressive style". Paolo Cocco's fretless bass has given a strong impression to the work. The double bass by Massimo Tore is soft and important. Careful and dynamic is the battery of Alessandro Garau. Sound very nice in general. Congratulations.

Salvatore Corazza (composer, drummer)

Fantastic, Alessandro! I have heard all the traces. Good job. You were able to build a sound project characterized by a very special character. This is a very important and rare thing. You and your musicians have created an original and recognizable sound world, which is not easy, especially in fusion and jazz, which is a gift that distinguishes only the "great artists". A rarity! Congratulations from the heart.

Andrea Cutri (composer, guitarist)

"Dialogue", minimal and original: two stones that make it more precious than gold. Its construct is as solid as the Gothic cathedrals, but the notes can get lost and tell with intensity and freedom of green spaces, sun and sea glitter, like clouds and stormy doubts. His notes do not give in to self-satisfaction. They are not lost in the bonfire of the vanities. Of wanting to belong, of wanting to quote to quote. Everything is spontaneously balanced in a polite chaos like he is, the Gentile Pianist. Wonderful is the flight that hovers from a rational soul!

Amélie Gavaudò (poetess and songwriter)

"Dialogue" is a wonderful work that attests to a great artistic maturity. Powerful means of expression, use of counterpoint, melodic lines of great taste. An impeccable and highly expressive performance leads to exciting sound developments.

Nello Nicotra (bassist and double bass player)

Congratulations, Alessandro ... a great job. Well composed, arranged and played with class, good taste and excellent musicality. The sound and mix are also very good. It is a great artistic project. And the choice of musicians was also excellent.

Giuseppe Melis (composer, drummer and double bass player)

Ten tracks for a continuous ups and downs of emotions. It's called "Dialogue" and no title could ever be more suitable. Because in Alessandro's record, just like in a discourse between heart and brain, the alternation of atmospheres is a conciliatory dualism: just take as an example the combination of two songs such as "Afternoon at the sea" and "Rock flower". The first slow and lulling, just like the reflection of a lazy sun over a polaroid of memories, the second instead, a crescendo of pathos and pressing rhythms. A varied record, which speaks of life, teddy bears, looming clouds and flickering glitter. A fun, funny, sometimes intimate, sometimes disturbing record, like all things that start in one way and end in another. How nice to be able to tell about life in a low voice, but with so much power.

Stefano Bonazzi (writer and visual artist)

"Dialogue" is an album capable of recalling emotions and reminiscences. These important features, combined with the melodic and structural clarity, make this album a pleasant encounter between jazz and pop.

 Stefano Incani (composer, drummer)

I agreed to play with Alessandro Fois on his music album called "Dialogue" because I was particularly attracted to the originality of the project, and also to take the opportunity to express the sound of my fretless bass in a completely new way (which I call " Foisian ", in reference to the author).

Paolo Cocco (bass player)