Friday in the Cadillac : Bob Berg

Friday in the Cadillac : Bob Berg

Friday in the Cadillac is a tune by the great saxophonist Bob Berg (who died prematurely in a car accident at the height of his dazzling career) who also boasted a collaboration with the absolute jazz legend Miles Davis.

Friday in the Cadillac : Bob Berg - 1993 recording

Here they play: Danilo Rea on piano, Max Bottini on bass, Marco Rinalduzzi on guitar, Bob Berg on sax and me on drums.

Gegè and Boparazzi

During the tour with Gegè Telesforo in the 1990s, we went into the studio to make his record 'Gegè and Boparazzi', produced by a label called 'Go Jazz', which was born out of a collaboration between America and Japan with the artistic direction of the New York pianist and singer Ben Sidran, who also played on a few tracks.

Studio recording

The session was recorded in a Roman studio, Pollicino, by sound engineer Marco Lecci with Ben's supervision on direction, and subsequently mixed and mastered at Electric Lady Studios in New York founded by Jimy Hendrix in Greenwich Village.

I had the opportunity for the first time to work with an American bigwig whose records I also had, including a live performance in Montreux with Steve Gadd on drums.

Compared to the Italian studio recording mode of those years I was surprised by the American method which was mainly focused on the spontaneity of the content while leaving out some details of the form.

We were all strictly live and all takes, including this one, were even recorded while we rehearsed the songs.

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