The drums: new or vintage?

My own drum kit Ludwig 1978′

Surely artificial intelligence will not be able to build a Stradivarius or a Gretcsh from the 1950s, instruments that, with all their unmistakable merits and 'perhaps' a few flaws, have characterised both classical music and jazz.

Many drummers, in the case of percussion, despite being endorsers of big brands continue to use drums from the 50s/60s/70s.

A bit like wine, there is an obligatory pathway for the taste buds and sense of smell to evaluate important bottles, this also applies to the ear, the old practically handcrafted drums such as the old Ludwig, Gretcsh, Slingerland to name the best known, have a unique sound and personality even when comparing the same drum, same size and same year, all rigorously signed by the assembler with the date of construction alongside.

This is the fundamental difference between the new, which has a good sound and finish, and the unique nuances of vintage.

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