Boghes de Domo

Boghes de Domo it is the only Sardinian musical so far composed.

In fact, it uses the form of the musical to tell a story in music, in an imaginary and allegorical tale that speaks of openness to the new, while immersed in a Sardinian agro-pastoral setting of the early twentieth century.

The sounds of traditional folk are combined with classic orchestrations and with the sounds of rock, acid jazz, funk, gospel, pop 80s / 90s, in an unusual interweaving, sometimes full of pleasant surprises and stylistic uniqueness.

The authors are Alessandro Fois, Alverio Cau, Benito Urgu, with musical contributions also by Francesco Salis, Antonio Salis and Antonio Lotta.

Fois, Cau and Urgu were also the main interpreters of the first stage performances of the opera, together with a large cast of actors-singers.


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