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Born in Iglesias, he began to devote himself to music as a small cantor under the guidance of composer Pietro Allori M° di Cappella of the Iglesias Cathedral.

He studied Harmony and Counterpoint with Maestro Rodolfo Cicionesi from Florence.




He is the author of romances for Soprano, Tenor, children's songs, Masses and Motets for choir.

For the Amnesty International Association, he wrote a piece for children's choir included in the DVD "NASTRI DI PAROLE PER GIROTONDI DI PACE" officially presented in Sassari on 17 December 2012.

With the ARES publishing house in Verona and Tagliabue Editore, he published the booklets "Nel mio canto la sua lode" "Armonie di Natale" "Christmas Harmonies". "The Carabiniere's Prayer "John Paul II Mass" and other songs for the liturgy.

He has collaborated with Natalia Di Bartolo, Art Historian and Musicologist!

The Swiss Publishing House 'SYMPAPHONIE' and Les Éditions À Cœur Joie published some of his choral pages. For" International Opera Theatre of Philadelphia" he wrote the Cantata "Hildegard vonBingen: Mystical Child". based on a libretto by Karen Saillant and world premiered in Assisi in collaboration with the Cultural Association 'Assisi Suono Sacro'; the opera was repeated in America in November 2015.

In 2016, he was commissioned to write a new cantata on Hildegard, which was performed in the Upper Basilica San Francesco in Assisi on 6 August. The new work, entitled"Hildegard Von Bingen Mystical Child and The Black Virgin, with the participation of Jamaican soprano Carline Waugh.

The opera was repeated on 15 October at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the sanctification of that church, the largest in the United States dedicated to the Black Madonna, and on 23 October at The Church of the Advocate in Philadelphia.

On 6 August 2017, Città della Pieve hosts a performance of his recent opera "The Children of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun". 

In 2018 in Seattle, Washington State, two of his songs were published and included in a major collection of 100 sacred songs: O JESU MI DULCISSIME, MAGNIFICAT!

On 2 October 2022, the municipal administration of his city gave him an award for carrying the name of Iglesias around the world!

His compositions are performed by choirs all over the world:
Italy, United States, Australia, France, Argentina, Brazil, Slovenia, Holland, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Japan, China, Switzerland, Poland, England, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, South America, South Africa, Czech Republic, Belgium, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Greece, Slovakia, Croatia, Indonesia, Venezuela, Florida.

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