Audio Recording

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Equalisation, Dispelling Myths and Avoiding Common Errors

Articles BASIC AUDIO Series This series of elementary level items branded as BASIC is designed for amateur sound engineers seeking to increase their awareness and competence in mixing and audio recording in general. With...
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Analogue and digital audio recording: considerations and comparisons

Analogue and digital audio Irreconcilable is the ongoing debate between the supporters of analogue and those of digital. If it can be a reference, I don't mind quoting the opinion of a musician who is considered one of the greatest...

The stereo recording of the voice

The stereo recording of vocals Rarely will one feel the need to record a solo voice in stereo. Often, in fact, when necessary, a 'stereophonisation' of the monophonic vocal source is generated by means of processors...

Picking up the voice: antipop, distance from the microphone and its angle.

Microphone distance Let's assume that we have an ideal large professional room acoustically treated with state-of-the-art engineering care; let's imagine that we place the microphone at an ideal point in such a room...
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Auto-tuning, voice pitch correction (and more)

Autotuning And here we come to the Autotuning control, the last operational link in the editing process, which will allow us to improve the pitch of the singer and any other untempered or badly tuned monophonic musical instrument. ATTENTION First.

Microphone fields

By pick-up range of a source (e.g. an acoustic guitar) we mean the degree of proximity of a microphone to the source, also referred to as 'presence'. Microphone pick-up fields To define a field...

Recording Voice (04) Recording Levels

In the picture above: on the left, a reference scale of a high-quality preamplifier, with clipping level at +26db above the reference 0db; on the right, a representative diagram of the average performance of three quality levels...

Recording the Voice (03) The Preamplifier

The preamplifier Besides the microphone, the preamplifier is another fundamental element in the pick-up chain. Choice of preamplifier We have already considered above what concerns the choice of a preamplifier (or microphone) of the...

Recording your voice (02) The microphone

Choice of microphone. Choosing the right type of microphone is an important element for a good vocal pick-up result. CONDENSER OR DYNAMIC For a good recording of vocals in the studio, a condenser microphone will generally prove to be...

Recording the Voice - Part 01 - The Set

In a large professional room that has received highly-engineered acoustic treatment, taking care to position oneself at an ideal point in the room close to the centre will result in an acoustic colouration...