The legalized theft of the SIAE to small authors

The legalized theft of the SIAE to small authors

The legalized theft of the SIAE to small authors

Direct experience of the author of the article

I am addressing all small authors and publishers who are still registered with the SIAE, to relate the following experience.
To this end here is the text with which I submitted my complaint, their rebuttal (barricaded and irrefutable) and my final comment (I had to use a new complaint ticket, as there was no rebuttal.

Enjoy bitter fun.


Dear SIAE Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori , I, the undersigned Alessandro Fois, a member of the SIAE for over 40 years and registered with the SIAE under the number 45671, hereby formally complains to the SIAE, as I believe that I have not received a correct allocation of the rights accrued as a composer, in the context of the settlement of the rights for the first half of 2019 (relating to the income accrued in the first half of 2018).
Particular reference is made to the 14 music programmes compiled during the concerts performed on as many days, as shown in the diagram below:
Hotel Mont Blanc - Strada Grand Ru 1 - 11013 Courmayeur, Aosta
N.14 days in total from 25 to 30 March 2018 (6 days) and from 03 to 10 April 2018 (8 days)
Musical duo 'Amélie & Alex'
as will be apparent from the analysis of the completed and signed music programmes pertaining to the aforementioned 14 days of programming, the undersigned's pieces were performed to varying degrees, corresponding on average to approximately one third of the entire programming, as will be apparent from the relevant documents, on which occasion the contractor paid to Codesta Società SIAE an amount of royalties equal to
EURO 2,688.15*
that the undersigned does not acknowledge having received any distribution of the rights pertaining to the said event and
a review of the breakdown itself and the sending of the relevant "report" with any specific clarifications on the incident
Awaiting a reply, the undersigned sends his best regards.

Alessandro Fois


With reference to what has been reported, we would like to inform you that the musical programmes of the events reported have not been included in the analytical allocation operations according to the provisions of the Distribution Ordinance, since they are private events. We would like to point out, in any case, that the musical programmes relating to private entertainment (wherever organised: in public premises, private homes or open spaces, offered by private individuals to guests at weddings, ceremonies or anniversaries in general, congresses, gatherings, company meetings, etc.; by private clubs with access allowed only to members and possibly to family members; by managers of public premises to guests at openings of premises, seasons, etc.) are not included in the analytical breakdown, according to the criteria provided for by the Distribution Ordinance in force.


  • No signature by the SIAE operator
  • I was given no opportunity to counter the reply by technical denial (do not reply to this email).
  • It follows that the SIAE's answer would be lapidary and definitive.
  • Consequently, I had to open a new message, in which I referred to the previous communication and their reply.


This is in reference to your reply to Ticket No. TT576599.

I take note of your cold bureaucratic information, the text of which is visible at the end of this letter.

The Apportionment Ordinance in force and its distinction into analytical and non-analytical apportionment, which you quoted, is a legal way to perpetrate theft from the small poor authors in favour of the larger and richer ones, especially in a case like this one, which allowed the latter to 'pimp' a few thousand Euros with impunity.

And just as mean and ruthless is to give lapidary and non-refutable answers, cowardly forwarding them, without the name and signature of any SIAE contact person, and also denying the possibility of replying, of establishing a dialogue, by standing firmly entrenched behind a 'no-replay' email address.

Truly autocratic regime behaviour disguised as democratic by means of an elected body that is in fact self-referential and partisan.

I consider what has been decided and implemented to be a shameful degradation for an authors' society that was made great by its founding fathers, to which I have been a member for 40 years and which I once valued.

Don't be surprised if authors flee in increasing numbers, as I will too.

Make your own elite society of oligarchs and copyright aristocrats, not unlike the caste of parliamentarians who decide for themselves the amount of their salaries and allowances.

Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to say how inappropriate it is, especially in these times, to ask for a fixed membership fee that is the same for everyone, instead of making it proportional to SIAE dividends.

I would be grateful if you would also pass this comment on to President Mogol, whom I met in the course of activities carried out at the CET in Toscolano, so that he might meditate on the immorality of these iniquitous rules, he who preached morality and integrity.

I will fight to spread the truth about these scandalous rules that are the beginning of the end for this 'Ex Gloriosa' society, starting with the dissemination of the content of this email and your reply.

Alessandro Fois


  • No reply was ever received from the SIAE

Alessandro Fois

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