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Massimo Tore, double bass player

He is interested in jazz, classical and baroque music, and radical improvisation. Born in 1958, he studied music from the age of 7: piano, guitar, electric bass and finally double bass. At the age of 12, he had his first experiences of pop music playing electric bass with some cover bands. He began studying double bass at the age of 20 as a self-taught musician, later learning classical music and graduating from the Cagliari Conservatory.

Since about 1980 he has been active on the jazz scene, playing with: the Ferra brothers (Massimo and Bebo), Paolo Fresu, Billy Sechi, Bruno Tommaso, Umberto Fiorentino, Lester Bowie, Mike Mainieri, Peter Waters, Ralph Alessi, Flavio Boltro, Scott Hall, Chris Speed, Bill Saxton, Claudio Fasoli, Maurizio Giammarco, Massimo Urbani, Carol Welsman, and others.

He generally prefers not to attribute labels to music, and prefers musical situations that can be defined as jazz but that actually incorporate and sublimate every element present in the musicians' musical background, spanning all genres seamlessly, seeking his music as a whole: sounds, silences, timbres, colours, and more.

He has played in symphony, opera and chamber music orchestras since 1985. A permanent member since 1997 of theOrchestre des Champs Élysées conducted by Philippe Herreweghe, with whom he tours all over the world and records regularly for Harmonia Mundi, Phi, Deutsche Grammophon, he has also collaborated with other important orchestras on period instruments such as the famous baroque orchestra 'Les Arts Florissants', 'Anima Eterna', and others such as 'Auser Musici', 'Accademia del '700'.

He has been teaching double bass since 2001, and classical double bass, jazz and ensemble music at the Cagliari Conservatory since 2004

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Performance activities

Kilim Trio

The Kilim Trio was founded in 1994 under the name 'Massimo Ferra Trio' with a musical project oriented towards improvisation. Their research transcends musical idioms, favouring an interplay based on sound and silence rather than pure jazz codes. American songs and traditional music are some of the cues in their repertoire. Everything contributes to creating a mestizo and original sound that can be enjoyed by an experienced audience as well as those unaccustomed to the edginess of modern jazz. Refined performers, they do not give in to pure instrumental virtuosity for more than a few parentheses, leaving one with a sense of balance and understanding, the outcome of a well-established collaboration.


Symbiosis has found and continues to find its own sounds and silences in improvisation. For us, improvisation is not identified with a specific language, it is simply a way of organising sounds in real time, in the moment of playing. What interests us is to find a common conception in sound, in silence, in crescendos and diminuendos, in timbres, in short, in all those elements that are difficult to reduce to an overly rigid syntax, to a language with an overly determined structure. If 'sound' works, then within this sound all the languages we know, and even those unknown to us, can be cited or short-circuited.

Nicola Piras Quartet

Paolo Carrus
Nicola Piras
Roberto Billy Sechi
Massimo Tore

Educational Activities

He has taught and still teaches in various contexts:

Timba Schoolsthe historic Latin drumming school in the Roman capital
Percentage Musicone of the most accredited professional schools in Rome. 

Organiser in 10 Italian cities  of the Master Class of Gary Chaffee, one of the world's leading references in drum teaching (Berklee College of Music Boston) and with Peter Erskine (Weather Report).


Kilìm - Kilìm trio

"From the house of Tajrà, a first-class jazz production. The new album by guitarist Massimo Ferra, one of the dearest pupils of the 'maestro' Metheny, gives us an exhilarating trio effort with bassist Massimo Tore and drummer Roberto Pellegrini. The 'Kilim Trio' will amaze even the most demanding fans of guitar jazz.
- Massimo Ferra, Massimo Tore & Roberto Pellegrini - Kilim Trio (extraordinary guitar-jazz trio with one eye on great jazz and another on Mediterranean contaminations)'
Tajrà s.r.l. editions and productions TAJ 003 IRD distribution

The Strange Story of Teddy Luck - Massimo Ferra Trio

Massimo Ferra guitar and synth, Massimo Tore double bass, Roberto Pellegrini percussion.
Kilìm, ten years earlier. The trio won the 1995 international competition in S. Anna Arresi, jury president Pat Metheny. This CD was produced in collaboration with the 'Punta Giara' association, organisers of the festival. The trio's style heralds current contaminations.

Ten Little Things for Inspector Callaghan - Symbiosis quartet

Riccardo Leone piano, Massimo Ferra guitar and synth, Massimo Tore double bass, Roberto Pellegrini percussion.
One hour of improvised music, 21 tracks played without any premeditation. All the music on this disc was chosen from a two-day recording session. Extraordinarily coherent and structured music despite being totally improvised.

Immersion - Nicola Piras quartet.

Nicola Piras tenor sax, Paolo Carrus piano, Massimo Tore double bass Roberto Pellegrini drums.
Original compositions by Nicola Piras, in 'classic' jazz quartet.

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